Welcome to Alventech! We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you. Before we get started, please take a moment to review our terms and conditions. By engaging our services, you agree to abide by the following terms:

1. Services and Scope of Work: 1.1. Alventech offers web design and app development services, including but not limited to website design, mobile application development, user experience (UX) design, and related services as agreed upon in the project proposal. 1.2. The scope of work will be detailed in the project proposal or agreement. Any changes to the scope of work must be documented and agreed upon by both parties.

2. Payment: 2.1. The full payment for the project is required when the agreement is signed. 2.2. Invoices must be settled within the timeframe specified in the project proposal or agreement. 2.3. Failure to make the full payment may result in project delays, and work will not begin until the payment is received in full upon signing the agreement.

3. Intellectual Property: 3.1. All intellectual property developed during the project, including but not limited to code, designs, graphics, and content, will belong to the client upon full payment. 3.2. Alventech retains the right to use project elements, with client consent, for promotional purposes.

4. Confidentiality: 4.1. Both parties agree to keep confidential any sensitive information shared during the course of the project. 4.2. Client data and information will be used solely for project purposes and will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent.

5. Project Timelines: 5.1. Alventech will make reasonable efforts to meet agreed-upon project timelines, but unforeseen circumstances may lead to adjustments. 5.2. Delays caused by the client (e.g., late feedback or materials) may result in project timeline adjustments.

6. Revisions and Feedback: 6.1. The client is entitled to reasonable revisions during the project, as defined in the project agreement. 6.2. Additional work outside the scope of the project agreement may incur extra charges.

7. Warranty and Support: 7.1. Alventech provides a warranty period for the project as defined in the project agreement. 7.2. Post-warranty support and updates may be provided under a separate agreement.

8. Termination: 8.1. Either party may terminate the project for cause, such as a material breach of the agreement. 8.2. In the event of termination, payment for work completed up to that point will be required.

9. Agreement: 9.1. By engaging our services, the client agrees to these terms and conditions.

Thank you for choosing Alventech for your web design and app development needs! We’re excited to create something amazing together. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.